Vegan Kimchi Making

Workshop : November 18th 7:30~9:30 pm

Korean kimchi, with its signature tang and spiciness, has captivated taste buds all over the world, and has even been designated as an Intangible Cultural Asset of Humanity by UNESCO in 2013. The basic Korean side dish, irreplaceable on all Korean dining tables, has become a food that represents the country. But did you know that the kimchi world is so much bigger and so much more complex than we know it to be?

Join us for a kimchi making workshop with Hoon, each workshop will consist of stories of kimchi and its background, its ingredients, and a chance to make your own kimchi. At the end, we will make and taste Kimchi pancakes together.


Location:  Ostender str 5, 13353, Wedding, Berlin
(u6, leopold platz, seestr)

40€ includes materials

Fee to paypal: (preferred…)
or bring cash